Zimbabwe Team

The University of Zimbabwe lecturing team and University of Zimbabwe Innovation and Policy Development (UZIPD)

The Lecturing team from the University of Zimbabwe is from a diverse background within Scientific Areas, Policy Areas, and Business School. The team has experienced personnel that have been lecturing in Policy and have been involved nationally, regionally, and internationally in policy formulation and development.

Prof. Sara Feresu
Faculty of Science

Prof. Sara Feresu will work with Kate Barker. Prof. Sara Feresu focus area is: STI Policy Evaluation and Analysis. Prof. Sara Feresu is a Science and Technology specialist with a PhD in Micro-biology.

Dr. Michael J. Tumbare
Faculty of Engineering

Dr. Michael J. Tumbare will work with Prof. Jakob Edler. Dr. Michael J. Tumbare's focus area is: Evaluation, Demand side, Policy System. Dr. Michael J. Tumbare is a systems design and evaluation expert with a PhD in Engineering

Dr. Charity Manyeruke
Course Coordinator, Faculty of Social Studies

Dr. Charity Manyeruke will work with Dr. Kieron Flanagan. Dr. Charity Manyeruke's focus area is: Policy Mix, Internationalisation and indicators. Dr. Charity Manyeruke is an International Relations and policy expert with a PhD in International Relations.

Dr. Gilford Hapanyengwi
Course Coordinator, Faculty of Science

Dr. Gilford Hapanyengwi will work with Prof. Philippe Laredo. Dr. Gilford Hapanyengwi's focus area is: Innovation Systems and Standards. Dr. Gilford Hapanyengwi is a systems and standard ICT expert with a PhD in Computer Science.

Dr. Maurice Mutowo
Faculty of Commerce

Dr. Maurice Mutowo will work with Prof. Ian Miles. Dr. Maurice Mutowo's focus area is: Foresight and New Business Models. Dr. Maurice Mutowo is a Business Modelling expert with a PhD in Strategic Business and Management.

Prof. Marvellous Mhloyi
Faculty of Social Studies

Prof. Marvellous Mhloyi will work with Dr. Maria Nedeva. Prof. Marvellous Mhloyi's focus area is: Research Organisation and Funding Models. Prof. Marvellous Mhloyi is a Research Methodology and Resources Expert with a PhD in Demography.

Dr. Amon Murwira
Faculty of Arts and Science

Dr. Amon Murwira will work with Prof. Arie Rip. Dr. Amon Murwira's focus area is: Strategic Intelligence, Foresight and CTA. Dr. Amon Murwira is a GIS, Foresight, Systems expert with a PhD in Geographical Information Systems.

Nyasha Chishakwe
Faculty of Law

Nyasha Chishakwe will work with Dr Elvira Uyarra. Nyasha Chishakwe's focus as is: Legal Rights, demand side, internationalisation and Policy mix. Nyasha Chishakwe is a Science and Technology policy and legal expert, LLB and has a MSc in Law and Environment.

The University of Zimbabwe members of staff have experience in researching, training and publishing on Science and Technology in its diversity. The resource persons have experiences from the Faculties of Engineering, Social Studies, Science, Law, Business School, Institute of Environmental Studies. Some of the members of staff are researching and training on Science and Technology policy, Industrialisation linkages with this policy, national innovation systems, international and regional networking on Science and Technology, policy formulation and implementation, policy sustainability and case studies and comparative analysis.

The University of Zimbabwe Innovation and Policy Development Unit under the Office of the Vice Chancellor has been taking this expertise to the nation and to the region. Thus diverse teams are being put together to harness on this extensive expertise.