News & Events

Graduation Ceremony
November 5, Johannesburg
The SADC STI Policy Course has come to a successful completion. On November 5 2013, high level representatives of the South African Government will lead the graduation ceremony. 18 participants receive a certificate certifying their successful completion of a policy report and their full attendance to the course. The reports have been prepared over the course of the one year course and will be online very soon. Each participant chose a topic that is directly relevant for her or his work. The report was supported by a mentor from the Manchester team and the team of Zimbabwe.

Final Course Conference held in Cape Town
16th May 2013
From May 6 to May 10, the course held its final week in Cape Town. The core of this week was an open conference stretching over three days, which was attended by high level policy makers from South Africa and other SADC countries and representatives from NEPAD and UNESCO. SADC course participants presented their projects and four high level African academics gave key lectures and commented on the presentations given. For more details see the programme of the conference and some photos. The first and last day of the week were dedicated to individual mentoring and internal presentations of project work.
The participants are now finalising the projects until July, a final graduation ceremony will take place in Pretoria in October.

Second course week completed
18th February 2013
The second week of the UNESCO sponsored STIP training course took place in Pretoria February 3rd to 8th. It was a successful step towards completion of the course. The week programme was organised around four lectures and gave ample time for individual mentoring time to discuss each policy project. Professor Edler, one of the course leaders, stated that, "all participants made enormous progress and it has become apparent that the course will lead to a significant number of high level, strategic project ideas for SADC countries". With this in mind, the organisers, participants and funders of the course are looking forward to the final conference which will take place in South Africa May 7th to May 9th 2013. At this conference the course participants will present their projects and high level academics from Africa will give key lectures and engage in discussion. According to Professor Philippe Laredo, course leader, "this conference is a unique opportunity to engage policy makers in in-depth reflection about what they see as crucial issues in their own STI policy and to bring together academic and practitioner discourse for the good of future STI policy making in Africa. We hope, and expect, that this highlight of the course will be a starting point for improved policy reflection and practice in Africa in the future".

Second course week to start February 3rd 2013
29th January 2013
The course will start its second lecturing and mentoring week in Johannesburg, February 3. The week will include lectures and group work on four themes (African policy examples, modes of innovation, international collaboration in STI policy and policy implementation). Moreover, all participants will have ample time to discuss their project progress in detail with their mentors and with groups of colleagues. The combination of project work and lecture and group work is the specific MIoIR approach to this course.

Course launched and first course week completed
10th October 2012
The course was launched October 1st in an official ceremony in Pretoria. Representatives from SADC, UNESCO, DST South Africa, AusAID, Manchester Institute of Innovation Research and University Zimbabwe gave welcome addresses, and Rasigan Maharajh, Chief Director of the Institute for Economic Research on Innovation (IERI) based in the Faculty of Economics and Finance of the Tshwane University of Technology gave a key note lecture.
This launch kicked off the first week with 12 lectures and group work. 26 high level policy makers from 11 SADC countries participated. The second course week will take place February 5 to 8 in Pretoria. Participants will work on specific assignments which will be discussed during that week.

Course to be launched officially October 1st
25th September 2012
Representatives from SADC, UNESCO, South Africa, AusAid, Manchester Institute of Innovation Research and Zimbabwean University will officially launch the course in Pretoria Monday, October 1st. This marks the start of a longer partnership to deliver this training to SADC countries from October 2012 to July 2013. It also starts off the first training week to take place in Pretoria.