MIoIR Team

The Manchester lecturing team and the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (MIoIR)

The lecturing team is comprised of seven senior staff of the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research plus Prof. Arie Rip, emeritus Professor form University of Twente. All of the lecturers have many years of experience in teaching and researching around the topics to be covered in the course and published widely in all of them.

Kate Barker
Senior Lecturer, MIOIR

Kate will focus on STI policy evaluation and analysis.

Prof. Jakob Edler
Executive Director MIOIR

Jakob is a course leader, and will focus on demand side policies and system aspects of policy.

Dr. Kieron Flanagan
Lecturer, MIoIR

Kieron will lecture on policy mix, and demand side policies.

Prof. Philippe Laredo
MIoIR and University Paris-Est.

Philippe is a course leader, focussing on policy structures, indirect instruments and indicators.

Prof. Ian Miles
Professor, MIoIR

Ian is a specialist of foresight activities as well as a renown scholar on innovation in services.

Dr. Maria Nedeva
Senior lecturer MIoIR

Maria will lecture on universities and research organisations.

Prof. Arie Rip
Emer. University Twente

Arie will lecture on systems, strategic intelligence, foresight and CTA.

Dr. Elvira Uyarra
Researcher, MIoIR

Elvira will focus on 'regional' policies, demand side policies and policy mix.

The Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (MIoIR) is the research centre of excellence in the Manchester Business School (MBS) and The University of Manchester in the field of innovation and science studies. With more than 50 full members and a range of associated academics from across the University, MIoIR is Europe's largest and one of the World's leading research centres in this field.

The Institute's key strengths lie in the linkage and cross-fertilisation of economics, management and policy around innovation and science. Building on forty years of tradition in innovation and science studies, the Institute's philosophy is to combine academic rigour with concrete practical relevance for policy and management. This includes broad engagement with and research for policy makers and societal and industrial stakeholders in the Manchester City Region, across the UK and internationally. MIoIR is also firmly committed to a range of teaching activities within and beyond MBS and integrates a strong and successful PhD programme into its research activities. The Institute has a visitor programme for academics and management and policy practitioners and provides a range of popular and high level executive education courses on evaluation, foresight and S&T Policy.