Course Organisation

Course Organisation
The course is organised in four sequences over an 11 month period
i. A first five-day teaching course will enable present and discuss why, facing the overall challenge of national innovation capabilities, the three sectoral policies are now more and more associated, what types of new instruments are developed and/or mobilised, what new policy mixes emerge, what changes in overall governance are witnessed. The course will take place October 1 to October 5 2012, Pretoria.
ii. Participants will then select an issue, make a review of on-going developments and compose a concrete strategy or implementation paper, proposing new directions and concrete actions that might relevant for their countries. This personal work will be supported by two mentors and by an interim "work-in-progress" workshop taking place February 5 to 8, Pretoria.
iii. These strategy papers will build the core of a policy conference May 6 to May 10 in Pretoria aiming at discussing potential new directions and policy mixes for the different member countries.
iv. The final version of the strategy paper will be delivered as a report as the basis for the certificate by end of June 2013.

Continuous learning: individual work, mentoring and mid-term methodology workshop
To get a certificate, participants will have to produce an individual piece of work. The process is designed to accompany them in this personal investment. This piece will focus on the policy issue / theme they will have selected by the end of the first week training course. The objective is to produce on that issue or theme, a strategic paper analysing the situation, identifying policy options and developing an argumentation for the selection of the most relevant policy option and mix for their country and suggest concrete implementation mechanisms. The nature of the papers will vary, but all are supposed to make a concrete difference in their country, to be implemented. We expect this work to take participants around 6 months to be developed. Each participant will have two lecturing staff as designated mentors, one form MBS and one from University of Zimbabwe. The e-learning facilities of the University of Manchester will enable participants to get access to the resources of the University, and facilitate exchanges. To support this process, participants will be official virtual visitors to the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research. Finally, an intermediary methodology-oriented workshop will be organised to address the methodological problems faced by participants.

Delivering the training: valorising individual work in a final policy workshop
The individual strategy papers will build the core of the policy conference in May 2013. The course participants will present their papers in thematic sessions. The presentations will be complemented by key note speeches on key themes developed by the projects. The presentations and the reports will be uploaded on the website of the course to build a repository of policy strategy options for SADC countries.